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HBSC has been carrying out its research projects cyclically every four years since 1982, with the number of participating countries growing continuously. Presently the HBSC research network includes 50 countries and regions (www.hbsc.org) in Europe and the United States. Poland has been a member since 1989, which has allowed us to participate in the research cycle four times so far. The HBSC Poland research team comprises eight registered members (including two PhD students), affiliated with four scientific institutions, and actively cooperates with other centres across Poland.


The Institute of Mother and Child provided substantial funding for the 2017/18 wave, allocating subsidy resources provided by the Ministry of Science and higher Education to the project.

The previous waves of the study conducted in Poland were funded by the State Committee for Scientific Research, Ministry of Science and Higher Education, and the National Science Centre.

In December 2017, the Institute of Mother and Child and the University of Warsaw’s Pedagogy Department entered into an agreement that provided the basis for cooperation in research, organising conferences, and other shared activities.

Each HBSC network member is represented by a single research team, headed by a Principal Investigator who needs to by an employee of a national scientific institution. Member countries finance their membership in the HBSC network (including participation in and hosting of events, conducting surveys according to the international schedule and protocol, and publishing activities) individually. Principal investigators are responsible for acquisition of funding for research carried out in schools.


HBSC research makes it possible to:

Achieve a new outlook on the health and wellbeing of young people;
Understand the social determinants of health;
Understand the social determinants of health;
Develop health policies aimed at improving young people’s quality of life

The HBSC Poland team

The Polish HBSC research team comprises the following members:


Professor Barbara Woynarowska, MD, PhD

Paediatrician specialising in school medicine. HBSC research Poland Principal Investigator for Poland between 1989 and 2004. Head of the School Medicine Department of the Institute of Mother and Child (1982-1997). Head of the Chair of Biomedical Basis of Development and Education at the Institute of Pedagogy of the University of Warsaw (1997-2014). Creator of the concept of prophylactic healthcare for students (1990). Co-creator of the Polish concepts of health promoting schools, and National Coordinator for the European Network of Health Promoting Schools (1992-1997). President of the Jury for the National Health Promoting School/ Kindergarten Certificate (2009-). Member of the editorial group (1990, 1996), and co-author of the National Health Programme. Human Development Committee and Public Health Committee member at the Polish Academy of Sciences (1999-2019). Author of over 650 papers on school medicine, paediatrics, auxology, sports medicine, health education, and health promotion.


Joanna Mazur, PhD

HBSC research Principal Investigator for Poland in 2004-2018, acting as a co-coordinator since mid-2018, Deputy Principal Investigator for Poland since 2020. Affiliated with the Institute of Mother and Child in Warsaw since 1990, and still working part-time at its Child and Adolescent Health Department. Professor of the Collegium Medicum of the University of Zielona Góra (Humanization of Medicine and Sexology Department). In permanent collaboration with numerous journals, including the Journal of Mother and Child and IJERPH. True to her education (econometrics and statistics), she is passionate about the application of advanced statistical data analysis methods in epidemiological research and health survey design. Constantly on the lookout for new research areas, particularly where medicine meets social sciences. Her current primary area of research within the scope of the HBSC network involves analysis of health competence in students. After over 40 years in the profession, she finds her greatest joy in working with young scientists and sharing her experience.


Agnieszka Małkowska-Szkutnik, PhD Educator, psychologist, and psychotherapist

HBSC Co-Principal Investigator for Poland since 2018. HBSC research network member since 2003. Psychotherapist working with children and adolescents, and their families. University lecturer. Assistant Professor at the Biomedical Basis of Development and Sexology Unit at the Pedagogy Department of the University of Warsaw (2012-present). Teaches classes on human development psychology and mental health disorders in children and adolescents. Advisor to the “Direction-Development” Students’ Science Club. Former employee of the Child and Adolescent Health Department of the Institute of Mother and Child (2000-2016). Her research interests Focus on social support, health-related quality of life, and particularly on students with chronic diseases and their life at school. Her work includes research concerning preparing teachers for work with students suffering from chronic diseases. Authored and co-authored dozens of scientific publications. Appreciates the opportunity to combine her research pursuits with therapeutic work. In her private life, a wife and mother of two. Enjoys reading and spending time with her loved ones. Lover of cats.


Anna Dzielska, PhD

Educator with a social focus and psychodietetician by education. HBSC Deputy Principal investigator for Poland since 2019, co-Principal Investigator of the study in Poland since 2020. Long-time employee of the Institute of Mother and Child, and Acting Head of its Department of Child and Adolescent Health since 2019. At HBSC, she heads the Eating & Dieting Focus Group, and acts as the Vice Chairman of the Youth Engagement Advisory Group. Her research interests are focused on factors associated with body weight and body perception among children and adolescents. A firm believer that adolescents have the right to actively shape their own health, she supports and organizes young people’s active participation in scientific research and other projects that focus on this demographic. Passionate about mountain tourism. Loves family bicycle trips and playing music.


Anna Kowalewska, PhD

Assistant Professor at the Biomedical Basis of Development and Sexology Unit at the Pedagogy Department of the University of Warsaw. Long-time lecturer and co-author of textbooks on the biomedical basis of development and education. Author and co-author of over 100 papers on the biological basis of human development, health pedagogy, and health education. Her research interests include the circumstances and consequences of risk behaviours in children and adolescents, as well as the significance of health-related aspects in educator training. Wife and mother of one in her private life. Appreciates contact with nature, hiking, and discovering new places, both as an opportunity to meet new people as well as with a focus on the cultural and sightseeing aspects.


Marta Malinowska-Cieślik, PhD

Member of the Polish HBSC team and HBSC’s international workgroup for violence and injury prevention since 2012. Since 1998, she has been affiliated with the Jagielloniann University’s Public Health Institute (Health Science Department), where she still works as a lecturer at the Health and Environment Unit. In line with her primary MA (psychology), she is concerned with the application of psychology in public health and medical sciences (she holds a PhD in the latter). Formerly acted as a national coordinator in projects pertaining to accident and injury prevention as well as children’s health promotion within the scope of the EC’s Public Health Programme. Presently, her research interests are focused on wellbeing and mental health, as well as health behaviour in school-aged children, including violence and cyberbullying between peers among teenagers. Authored and co-authored dozens of research papers.


Dorota Kleszczewska, PhD

Obtained her PhD in health sciences at the Professor Jerzy Nofer Occupational Medicine Institute. Graduated from the Applied Social Sciences Institute of the University of Warsaw. In her day job, she is the President of the Institute of Mother and Child Foundation. Over 10 years of experience in coordination of scientific research projects. HBSC network member active in: Physical Activity Focus Group, Electronic Media FG, and Youth Engagement Advisory Group. Author of numerous international research papers. Passionate about equestrianism (eventing) and sailing (coastal skipper).


Agnieszka Michalska, MA

Honours MA in andragogy. Doctoral student at the Biomedical Basis of Development and Sexology Unit at the Pedagogy Department of the University of Warsaw. Former advisor to the “Direction-Development” Students’ Science Club. HBSC network member. Co-authored "A Student With Epilepsy” scripts for teachers focused on three age groups, within the scope of the Epischool - let’s overcome barriers together project. Experienced in conducting international scientific research projects, including, among others, Improve the Youth (2017) and Back to School (2019). Recipient of multiple scholarships of the Capital City of Warsaw. Intern at the University of Warsaw’s Open University. Proficient in HR affairs owing to experience obtained during her time in one of Poland’s leading TV stations. In her day job, she handles promotion activities for the Institute of Mother and Child.


Katarzyna Kołodziejczyk, MA

Member of the Management Board of the Centre for Migration Research Foundation, University of Warsaw employee, and Institute of Mother and Child collaborator. Her current research interests are focused on the quantitative approach to Ukrainian immigration in Poland, as she coordinates projects based on the Respondent Driven Sampling methodology in various cities across the country. Former HR specialist, NGO activist, and full-time mother. A woman of many interests – MA and postgraduate degrees in environmental protection, education, psychology, and international migration, and she is still not done. Can’t imagine life without physical activity, so she swims, climbs, cross-country skis, and relaxes with yoga. Her affiliation with HBSC research goes back to the project’s early days in Poland, when she helped with encoding data. Official HBSC member since 2019, active in the Social Inequalities Focus Group. Interested in the impact of migration on the life of children and adolescents, with a particular focus on school, family, and peer group life.

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